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About Us

PL Cleaning is committed to providing high-quality cleaning services, creating a comfortable home and a clean community. Our services are mainly in the following categories:

Medical Grade Disinfection and Sterilization

PL cleaning uses authoritative certified potion, equipped with atomizing spray equipment, spraying the potion coating on every corner of the whole house, killing nearly 99.99% of the virus.

Pest Prevention Management

PL Cleaning provides professional pest control services. Different industries will adopt different pest control methods, such as bait, spray, and full-space atomization, and will provide follow-up services.

Formaldehyde Removal Service

PL Cleaning provides efficient formaldehyde removal services and deals with issues related to formaldehyde pollution. We introduced the Japanese patented formula technology-TX-5®️ new nano-scale air catalyst, which has a useful life of up to 5 years, providing customers with a good living and working environment.