Cleaning Areas

Our company has professional cleaning teams, with rich knowledge and practical experience, to provide customers with the quality, reliable and satisfactory service. Professional stain removal and cleaning, including paint stains and concrete stains, make customers satisfied with the delivery.


1000ft or less
Service Hours: 2 hrs up
Number of cleaners: 2-3
1001ft - 1500ft
Service hours: 3 hrs up
Number of cleaners: 2-4
1500ft - 2000ft
Service hours: 4 hrs up
Number of cleaners: 2-4
2001ft - 2500ft
Service hours: 4 hrs up
Number of cleaners: 3-4
2501ft – 3000ft
Service hours: 4 hrs up
Number of cleaners: 3-4

Precautions for Cleaning
After Renovation

  • Customers have to arrive at the unit half an hour before the completion of the service to inspect the cleaning progress and decide whether to extend the service hours.
  • The customers have to check that the work of the unit has been completed and satisfied before payment, otherwise the company will not follow up or make up time for the relevant complaint compensation afterwards.
  • If the customers find that any item in the unit is damaged due to the negligence of the staff, please notify the staff and colleagues of the company immediately. Our company will make a maximum compensation of HK$300, otherwise we will not make compensation for the complaint afterwards.

Cleaning After Renovation


Q: How long does the cleaning service take?

Answer: The estimated service time depends on the usable area of the unit.

Q: Do owners need to stay home during the cleaning process?

Answer: When the service is in progress, it is better not to stay at home. We will notify the customers one hour before the completion of the service and come back for inspection. But customers may stay at home if want.

Q: Do I need to provide cleaning tools?

Answer: Our company will provide all cleaning tools, chemicals and machines.